Timo Homeier-Bachmann

Scientific head of the German animal disease notification system

Institute of Epidemiology, Friedrich Loeffler Institut, Germany

Dr. Timo Homeier-Bachmann (Institute of Epidemiology at FLI) studies the prevalence of ESBL E. coli in livestock (pigs, cattle) and wild-life animals (wild boar, ducks). He is scientific head of the German animal disease notification system (TSN) and designed and analysed a nationwide cross-sectional study on bovine tuberculosis (bTb) by intra vitam testing in Germany.

In the framework of OASIS, the mutual aim of the two veterinary partners in the consortium, the Institute of Hygiene and Infectious Diseases of Animals (IHIT) at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen and FLI, is to provide evidence that the novel and innovative LQAS-based AMR surveillance approach can be transferred to veterinary medicine. To achieve this, FLI and IHIT will conduct a conventional AMR prevalence survey for fattening pigs (FLI) and broiler chickens (IHIT), thereby generating the AMR data needed for biomathematical simulations by other partners of the consortium.